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Ahh COVID check-ins. One of the many changes the-year-that-shall-not-be-named brought to our lives.

Sometimes you need a little bit of help getting used to something new (especially when it’s technology). That’s why The eSafety Commission wanted help creating a video that would make Australians comfortable with using QR codes.

Cue trumpet fan-fair… you know… that one they use to announce superheroes in cartoons. Bedecked in a flowing red cape Explanimate! enters stage right. The crowds cheer. The sun shines a little brighter. The birds sing our praise.

Okay, fine. We don’t actually wear capes to work… and the only birds that pay us any attention are the magpies that swoop us in the parking lot. But we are good at explaining things.

We all know how intimidating it is to learn new technology. So, in creating a video for eSafety, we needed not only to make QR code check-ins understandable, but also to help audiences feel comfortable with the technology.

What is the best way to make learning something new less intimidating? Simply and step by step.

So, that is how we structured this video. Starting with why checking in is important, we took audiences through the steps they would take to use QR codes and what to do if things don’t work as expected.

We couldn’t cover every possible scenario, or we would end up making a feature-length film. But we could predict and answer the most common questions new users might have.

To make audiences comfortable, we kept the script simple and the voiceover slow. This avoided loading viewers with unnecessary information and gave them time to understand what was being said.

A picture is worth 1000 words, and when you’re trying to learn something new, it’s always made easier when you’re not only told but shown how to do it. As a visual production studio, this is right in our wheelhouse.

We paired simple close-up animations, depicting the intricacies of using QR codes, with animations of the use of QR codes in society. This makes audiences feel capable not only with using the technology but also with its day to day application.

Keeping the imagery clean, high contrast we created the animations with a calm and serene tone, which invites audiences to feel relaxed and positive about using QR codes.

So there you have it.

Explanimate! saves the day once again (it’s just what we do). But if a supervillain ever attacks the city, we’d definitely be more comfortable here with the donuts.


Travis Hunt
Creative Director
David Owen

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