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TacoBell. We’ve always wondered why Taco…Bell? Does a bell make the tacos? They don’t ring a bell when they serve you tacos. They don’t serve the tacos in a bell. TacoBelle we would understand. Seeing as “Belle” means beautiful and tacos are definitely beautiful. But why TacoBell?

We should have asked TacoBell when they approached us, asking for help in creating a video to generate hype for their new restaurant. But we were too busy thinking about the tacos.

So how to create this all important hype?

Add a little suspense of course! There’s nothing like some suspense to get audiences on the edge of their seats. So, we opened the video by announcing a new TacoBell location would be coming. But where? A visual of Australia showed it could be anywhere in the country.

Social media comments from real people quickly fill the frame. This barrage of comments requesting a restaurant to open in Perth shows the overwhelming demand TacoBell is responding to and gives audiences a hint to where the new restaurant might be.

Confirming what audiences now suspect, the visual of Australia pops up again and we see TacoBell travelling to Perth.

It took us a little while to think of the perfect way to transport the precious taco cargo all the way across Australia.

What better way to show that something is travelling somewhere then putting it on a plane? But a plane didn’t feel right for taco transportation. After all, when was the last time aeroplanes served tacos?

Then it hit us. The perfect mode of transportation for tacos already exits – the food truck!

But a food truck might give the wrong impression. Audiences might think TacoBell was simply deploying a food truck to Perth, not a whole restaurant. So we kept thinking.

Tacos are a laidback food, they have chill vibes. Chill vibes. Travelling across the country. Feels like a road trip! Nothing screams road trips like the VW van, so this became our inspiration for the taco van.

So there you have it. Perth – enjoy the tacos! We hope you love them as much as TacoBell loved our video. If you see the manager, make sure you ask them why it’s called TacoBell.


Travis Hunt
Creative Director
David Owen

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