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Explore CSIRO's Synbio animation project by Explanimate a unique mix of 2D, character & motion graphics. Discover our innovative animation solutions today.

Production Company:
Creative Director:
Travis Hunt
David Owen
Music Composition:
Sound Design:
Animation type:
2d, animation, character, motion graphics
Design & Animation:
Kelly Tan, Nicholas Dunn, Jennifer Cislowski, Annabelle Cassell
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About the


We love CSIRO, they do exciting things that we get to make exciting videos about.

Exciting?  Science?  Now they’re two words that you may not have thought went together.  In fact, you might have even let loose an internal groan.

That’s the hurdle CSIRO often faces.  How do you get people to engage with your work when they think it’s going to be boring before they even press play?

You come to Explanimate! of course!   

CSIRO did (just another reason we love them).

In one of our recent team ups, we created a suite of videos for their synthetic biology department.

It was vital that we grabbed the audience’s attention quickly and held on tight, promoting audiences to watch not just the first video, but the whole series.

So, our designers and copywriters put their heads together to come up with relatable examples that could not only help audiences understand CSIRO’s messaging, but also be developed into incredible visuals.

To further boost the accessibility and engagingness of the information, we made sure to use simple language and visually stunning artwork to create a series that was easy to understand and left audiences wanting more.

CSIRO loved the approach, and it worked wonders for achieving their goals.

Not to mention, we got to create some truly epic artwork.


Travis Hunt
Creative Director
David Owen
Jenn Cislowski
Motion Designer
Annabelle Cassell
Motion Designer
Kelly Tan
Motion Designer
Nick Dunn
Motion Designer

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