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Creative Director:
Travis Hunt
David Owen
Music Composition:
Sound Design:
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3d, animation, motion graphics, product modelling
Design & Animation:
Marcus Rizzo
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We’ve always wanted to be one of those studios that has incredible indoor plants.  Problem is, none of us have a green thumb…

You can imagine how that goes.

But, luckily for us, Airgarden approached us for help developing a video to explain and market their revolutionary gardening product.

So, we got our 3D team built some sweet graphics while our creative team meticulously planned camera angles and shots to evoke a cinematic experience, before bringing everything together in a epic video that showcases the product’s innovative features.  

By seamlessly blending storytelling and technology, we transformed the ordinary act of gardening into an extraordinary journey, engaging viewers and encouraging them to reach out to the Airgarden team.

The video yielded exceptional results and takes pride of place on the Airgarden website, serving as a powerful tool to attract and retain visitors.

Not only did we love working with the Airgarden team on this one, but we learnt a few gardening tricks in the process.

A shame we already switched to fake plants (not that we haven’t accidentally watered them once or twice).


Travis Hunt
Creative Director
David Owen
Marcus Rizzo
3D Designer

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