Rare Cancers

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Rare Cancers Australia
Production Company:
Creative Director:
Travis Hunt
Caitlin de Graaf
Music Composition:
Sound Design:
Animation type:
2d, animation, abstract, motion graphics
Design & Animation:
Annabelle Cassell
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When someone comes to us once, it’s fun. When they come back, we know there’s something there. 

When Rare Cancers returned to us to create another video after the success of their last one we knew their excitement and kind words on the last one weren’t just smoke. We knew they must have meant it, and just like a big event for a long time girlfriend is gonna get more attention then some one night stand we knew we needed to take it up a notch on this new one.

So this new one had to be both educative and have a lasting emotional impact… easy peasy, we’ll just whip that up… 

Luckily, it’s a team affair and not just me trying to figure that out because while I was initially stumped, the team knew just how to help. 

The ideas came thick and fast and pretty soon we had a pitch and a style that Rare Cancers were thrilled about and so were we.

One of the things we love about animated videos is that they’re fantastic for illustrating intricate concepts in easily understandable ways.  But, they also let us infuse each frame with delicately thought-out emotion. It couldn’t have been more perfect for this kind of sensitive subject matter, like the effects of cancer treatments.   

Using beautiful abstract visuals, we were able to create an engaging, educational and unforgettable video that left a lasting impact on audiences. 


Travis Hunt
Creative Director
David Owen
Annabelle Cassell
Motion Designer

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