Polymathian 2

Dive into the Polymathian 2 animation project a blend of 3D, motion graphics and animation by Explanimate. Explore our unique animation solutions today.

Production Company:
Creative Director:
Travis Hunt
Caitlin de Graaf
Music Composition:
Sound Design:
Animation type:
3d, animation, motion graphics
Design & Animation:
Kelly Tan & Marcus Rizzo
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About the


If you want a diamond, there are two ways to get one…

You can mine one.  Or, you can make one.  

Yes, we know you can also buy one or… steal one.  But for the purpose of our point we’re going to pretend capitalism doesn’t exist for a moment.

So what if you combined those things - mining and making diamonds?  Well, that’s where you’d find our partnership with Polymathian. 

While that intro was a bit of a stretch, what’s not a stretch is Polymathian’s assumption that we could make them a diamond quality video.

The mining industry is a saturated place for videos, so Polymathian needed something that would stand out above the crowd.  So we got to work.  

We have quite a bit of experience in creating videos for mining companies.  So we’re perfectly situated to know exactly what common practice is in the mining world - and what we needed to do to stand out.

Using bright, clean imagery, we transformed statistics and diagrams into an engaging visual story.  This combined with dramatic transitions and a creative approach to displaying the mining process, culminated in a video that stood head and shoulders above its peers.

Polymathian was stoked, we were stoked and another diamond was released into the world.


Travis Hunt
Creative Director
Kelly Tan
Motion Designer
Marcus Rizzo
3D Designer
Caitlin de Graaf

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