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How great are our website posts.

There are twists and turns all throughout. They’re funny – filled with great puns and hilarious jokes. They’re informative – giving insight into how our videos come together. They’re a quick and easy read. All in all they are quite the works of art.

You should know. You’re reading one right now.

Maybe that’s why The City of Parramatta approached us for help getting their residents involved and excited for Participate Parramatta.

This project required us to draw viewers to Participate Parramatta, a website which enables the citizens of Parramatta to be more involved in the development of their community. So how to best convince people to do something…

We may or may not have a secret formula for that. But you have to promise not to tell anyone.

Especially not if they’re green, have one eye and run a restaurant known as The Chum Bucket.…since you promised.

Step 1. Tell them why they want to do the thing.
Step 2. Show them how easy it is to do the thing.
Step 3. Pinky promise to reward them once they’ve done the thing.

So how to show people why would they want to use Participate Parramatta?

No one wants to live in a boring city that doesn’t care about what its people want. So why not show the audience how Participate Parramatta can be used to help cater the city to its people.

To demonstrate this, we opened the video with an animation sequence showing Parramatta prior to Participate Parramatta. The use of straight lines and dull colours display the rigidity and impersonalisation of the city. A city that could be any city.

At the end of the video, we juxtapose this image with visions of Parramatta after Participate Parramatta has been implemented. Through bright colours, curved lines and more intimate settings we display what is distinctly Parramatta, no longer just any stock standard city.

So we’ve told viewers why they wanted to do the thing. Now we need to show them how easy it is to do the thing.

What better way to show people how easy it is to do something then walking them through it in 40 seconds. And we weren’t even speeding.

In slides the Participate Parramatta user interface. With a sleek design and bright colours, close-up animations of the website illustrate how simple it is to use the website and participate in Parramatta’s development.

Time for step 3. Pinky promises.

Through the voiceover, viewers are informed of the importance of providing their input on community projects and how to track the impact their input had. Thus, rewarding audiences with a more personalised community.

And just like that our secret formula worked again. In the video? Of course! The City of Parramatta loved it!

But our formula also worked on you and you didn’t even notice.

Why yes, we very sneakily convinced you you wanted to read this article. We told you why you wanted to read it, we showed you how easy it is. But step 3? Your reward for making it this far?

Why watching our video for the City of Parramatta is your reward! The colours, the stylish animations the whole video is just **chef’s kiss**

Don’t look at us like that! Our videos are spectacular AND we gave you our secret formula. Use it wisely.


Travis Hunt
Creative Director
David Owen
Nick Dunn
Motion Designer

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