StaffHub – Candidates

StaffHub – CandidatesStaffHub is a global staffing firm that work with companies that are becoming more modern and savvy in the way they engage staff. About Project StaffHub are changing the way employers find staff. What better way to start a revolution than with a top notch series of animated videos? StaffHub Team

QCAA – From Syllabus to Subject Results

QCAA – From Syllabus to Subject ResultsQCAA — Delivering quality curriculum and assessment for all Queensland schools About Project The Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority were introducing important new changes to the way school students were assessed and wanted to make sure that the specifics didn’t get lost in technical jargon. This video helps educate…

Give & Get

Give & GetPersonalised storybooks for your child. About Project This company offers personalised children’s storybooks partnered, in particular, with Disney. They wanted their video to capture the same sense of childlike wonder and awe that their storybooks do. Give & Get Team

Botanical Resources

Botanical ResourcesBotanical Resources Australia is the global leader in the production of the natural insecticide active, pyrethrins, extracted from Australian grown pyrethrum (Chrysanthemum cinerariaefolium) daisies. About Project This video combined live-action and animation to create a delightful and informative entry point to Botanical Resources as a company and the products they help manufacture. Botanical Resources…


RundlRundl enables you to easily monitor and manage professional services on your mobile device. About Project Rundl wanted their video to stand out from the pack, the way their software does. This video captures the spontaneity inherent in Rundl’s software and as a company. Rundl Team

Southbank Little Days Out – Science

Southbank Little Days Out – ScienceKeeping the kids entertained just got a whole lot easier thanks to Little Days Out, South Bank’s new children’s program. About Project Held in the South Bank Parklands every Thursday and Sunday, Little Days Out features a range of exciting kids’ activities that are free to attend. Southbank wanted us…


WodsitesWodSites delivers fully customized performance grade WordPress websites for CrossFit affiliates. About Project We created this to help client communicate in the simplest form possible, what Wodsites does, and why it’s great. This is the Australian version – we also created an American version. Team

Brisbane South PHN (BSPHN)

Brisbane South PHN animationBrisbane South PHN (BSPHN) supports primary health providers – GPs and allied health professionals – to provide coordinated, efficient and effective medical services to patients, particularly those at risk of poor health outcomes… the right care in the right place at the right time. About Project The animation we created for BSPHN…


RentziRentzi is an Australian based online marketplace that allows peer to peer renting of everyday items. Individuals and businesses can advertise products on a marketplace that reaches the everyday rental consumer. About Project A simple and great idea, needed a and great animation. Clean palette, smooth transitions and stylish design, make this an effective little…