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Most of us love to travel. But, whilst COVID-19 has put a pause on our holiday plans, insects continue to travel around the globe in shipping containers.

Unfortunately, these hitchhiker pests pose a great threat to our Biosecurity, a breach in which would have an enormous impact on Australian industry and the environment. Having developed a new Biosecurity screening solution, IUGOTEC approached us seeking aid in producing a video to help explain the significance of their new technology.

As this video was going to be viewed by Government agencies and industry professionals, it was important that we not only illustrated what IUGOTEC’s technologies could do but also how they worked… This also meant that we had to understand how this very high-tech solution worked. We are but humble animators so, thankfully, we were provided with a summarised “ UGOTECH for dummies” version.

Now whilst discussing Biosecurity solutions is a riveting topic of conversation, we couldn’t make a scientific documentary on it. Why? Well, quite frankly, it would be boring. And it wouldn’t be an effective way to convey the significance of IUGOTEC’s technology if everyone was asleep.

We needed to make the complexities of IUGOTEC’s technology inviting and engaging. To make the technology inviting, we stripped back the visual elements to make them appear simpler so as to not distract the viewer with unnecessary elements. And to make it more engaging…Bright colours. Clean imagery. Cute bugs. There is no better way to make complex technologies engaging than cute hitchhiking pests that have the potential to damage Australia’s ecosystem.

IUGOTEC loved it! And our environment hasn’t been destroyed by hitchhiking bugs. But we won’t take the credit for that. Well… not ALL the credit.


Travis Hunt
Creative Director
David Owen

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