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Productivity is a difficult thing to master.

Especially once 2pm hits. It’s that sweet spot where it’s close to going home time and your lunch is at that half-digested stage which makes you perfectly primed for a nap.

But, there are things that can help improve productivity through this difficult time. Coffee. Sugar. Snacks of any kind. Pushups, if you’re into that kind of thing. We are definitely caffeine, sugar and snacks people.

Another way to improve productivity is Huddlepoint, who approached us requesting help creating a video that would explain the purpose and capabilities of their software to potential users.

But how could we effectively convey the software’s many abilities to potential users?

We thought it would be best to give audiences a walkthrough of the software. Filling the frame with the Huddlepoint UI, we used simple layouts and muted colours to ensure viewers were not overwhelmed and could easily follow the processes.

But, a video of a greyscale UI would be more than a little bit boring.

So, we used a few brighter colours to accent the imagery and ensure the video had a little something special to draw the viewers eye into the frame.

Even with added colours, it would still be a pretty boring video if all we did was walk users through a UI. We needed to spice up the video even further.

To do this, we intercut visuals of characters using Huddlepoint between expanses of UI displays. This not only kept the video more interesting but also enabled us to display how Huddlepoint worked in a home or office setting.

In the end, Huddlepoint loved the video. We can’t blame them. We were pretty hyped up on coffee so our productivity was at an all-time high.


Travis Hunt
Creative Director
David Owen
Kelly Tan
Motion Designer

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