Centor whiteboard animation

Centor whiteboard animationLarge door openings, made easy About Project Centor is a multi award-winning designer and manufacturer of architectural hardware systems for folding and sliding doors, screens, blinds and bifold door locks. We created this whiteboard animation for customer and partners, as a brief introduction to how large door openings work. centor.com.au Team

PCG Whiteboard Animation

PCG Whiteboard AnimationPCG is an independent corporate real estate and project services firm that provides end-to-end delivery of your new commercial or industrial workplace. This was one of our first true stop motion whiteboard animations. About Project How do you tell the corporate world what you do in just a few minutes, effectively? This is…

Toyota Rewards

Toyota Parts Whiteboard AnimationToyota wanted to create an engaging scribe animation that would inspire employees to work towards a successful results. About Project Video password: Due to confidentiality this video cannot be shared publicly. Toyota is a great place to work. Employees are rewarded for achieving measurable targets. This whiteboard animation explains how. toyota.com.au Team

Plant Assessor

Plant Assessor Whiteboard AnimationPlant Assessor memberships are a top notch way for companies to take control of the safety and management of their fleets. About Project Plant Assessor helps thousands of plant suppliers and users assess & manage plant & machine safety simply, thoroughly and cost effectively. assessor.com.au Team

Rio Tinto: Sustainable Development

Rio Tinto: Sustainable Development traditional whiteboard explainerRio Tinto wanted to create an engaging video that would inspire employees to work towards a sustainable future. Both an English and French version of this video was developed. About Project Rio Tinto is a multinational corporation that finds, mines and processes the earth’s mineral resources. www.riotinto.com Team

NAB Capital Financing

NAB Capital Financing Explainer animationTraditional whiteboard animation explaining the wonderful world of Capital Financing. About Project NAB (National Australia Bank) is one of the four largest financial institutions in Australia in terms of market capitalisation and customers. www.nab.com.au Team


DecisionDX MelanomaCastle Biosciences develops and commercialises diagnostic and prognostic tests for cancers that provide actionable, tumor-specific information for improved treatment decisions and patient outcomes. About Project We created this whiteboard animation with Castle Biosciences to clearly communicate the facts and procedure for their DecisionDX Melanoma testing. www.castlebiosciences.com Team