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We find out what makes you tick

We meet with you. We learn about what it is you do/sell/are. We understand your goals. We really get a feel for who your target market is, and how they should be communicated to.

We create a script & unique characters based on your ideas

We write a a script that will engage the viewer, and ultimately, accomplish the goals you have set for the work. We provide three options for character design, and animation / illustration style. From these you are able to choose the style that you feel best suits your brand, and the project.

 We create an awesome storyboard

We take the style created in the previous stage, and turn it into a working storyboard – depicting a storyline, movement, and narrative. How are we going to communicate the message of the script? That is what the storyboard will tell you.

We start the animation phase

We combine all these elements and start animating. We add a professional voice over and awesome sound design. We send it back to you to receive your blessing.

We deliver the finished product

And voila! Your video is created. Your audience is wow’d. Your sales skyrocket, “Eureka moments” (TM?) abound… and you feel the need to do a toyota jump.

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