Having a truly addictive web video on your hands is a gold mine for two reasons. For starters, an addictive video is a rewatchable video, which adds to the view count and visible notoriety of the video. Secondly, an addictive video is more often than not a highly sharable video, making the viral spread of your content its own form of self-perpetuating advertising. For these reasons, it’s a solid investment of time and money to look at ways your web video, explainer, or advertisement could be more watchable and more sharable to potential viewers. Let’s take a look at 5 things that commonly make for an addictive web video in 2019:


The association between animation and kids is strong. Many of us grow up watching cartoons for entertainment, and some of us were sat in front of the TV as youngsters for the mildly reviled ‘educational cartoons’. But the uses of animation for education are far more wide-reaching and a lot more entertaining than many realise, finding modern applications within work, hobbies, and new technologies, while still holding the power to teach much younger audiences the basics of life.