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May 24, 2023

Why You Should Invest in Explainer Videos for Your Business

In today’s fast paced digital landscape it’s more important than ever to make sure you’re effectively engaging with your audience.  Capturing your audience’s attention and clearly communicating your message is key.

Explainer videos (both animated and live action) are a powerful tool to help you do this.  They act as a sort of virtual welcome mat, introducing potential customers to your brand, product or service and key selling points in ways that resonate with viewers.  

But, in case that’s not enough reason for you, we’ve made a handy list of a few more…  

Endorsement and Attention

Explainer videos stand out.  It’s that simple.  Their dynamic visuals and compelling narratives capture viewers’ attention, keeping them engaged from start to finish.  With attention spans dwindling, explainer videos provide a concise yet impactful way to deliver your message.

Clarity and Understanding

Complex concepts or products can be challenging to explain through text alone. Explainer videos break down these ideas into digestible chunks, using carefully curated visuals, animations and narration to effectively convey the message.  This clarity enhances understanding and ensures your audience feels ‘in the know’, helping build trust in your brand and products or services.

Brand Storytelling

Every brand has a story they want to tell, and explainer videos are the perfect way to share it.  Whether it’s introducing your brand to new audiences, explaining the value of your product or services, or spreading awareness, these videos allow you to connect with viewers on a deeper level.

Increased Conversions

Studies have shown that including an explainer video on your website can significantly boost conversion rates.  By educating potential customers about your offerings, addressing their pain points and answering their questions before they even think of them, these videos serve as powerful conversion tools.

Versatility and Accessibility

Explainer videos aren’t just for your website either.  They can be repurposed across various platforms, from social media channels to email campaigns and presentations.  Their versatility makes them an invaluable asset for reaching your target audience, wherever they maybe.

SEO Benefits

Fun fact: video content is favoured by search engines.  This makes explainer videos a valuable addition to your SEO strategy.  By optimising your videos with relevant keywords and metadata, you can improve your search engine rankings and drive organic traffic to your website.


Investing in explainer videos isn’t just about creating cool and compelling content; it’s about delivering results for your business.  From increasing engagement and conversions, to strengthening brand identity and improving SEO, explainers offer a million and one benefits that can propel your brand forward.

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