If you’re lucky, the new year can bring with it new resolutions, a new slate, and new creative ideas. For the rest of us unlucky chumps, the vast opportunity of a new year can bring with it a crippling creative dry spell. A blank page is intimidating, especially when you’re coming up with ideas to promote your brand through video. Your company is relying on you, your customers are waiting on you, and your production choices depend on your idea. No pressure, right?

Well luckily we’ve got a stash of new year video ideas for your brand right here, waiting to be poached, appropriated, and otherwise taken advantage of. Have fun!



Good, cheap, fast. Pick two.

It’s the project management triangle, the triple constraint, the two-sentence explanation as to why we can’t always get what we want. In the corporate world, and especially in the world of video production, the quality, cost, and output speed of your project are what determines its ability to go ahead.

So when you’re looking to get a brand video made, which two elements should you choose? Is it better to favour quality over timing? Or to stick to your budget even if it means pulling back the scope of the video? Let’s take a quick look at the pros and cons of all three options:



When it comes to the creative arts, popular techniques often become popular for a reason. Sometimes these techniques are proven to bring about a particular emotional response from an audience, or are known to work well with an efficient production pipeline—whatever the result, there is a solid reason they’re so commonly used in their field.

But in the fast-changing world of animation, telling the difference between standard practice and a passing fad can be tricky, and perfectly successful ideas can end up going to the wayside in favour of an ultimately forgettable trend. This is especially true in the field of corporate videos, where overused styles settle in like a cliched fungus in the name of looking like everyone else.

Today we’re looking at 4 tried-and-true techniques which are heinously underused in modern explainer animations, and how you can harness them to make your corporate video truly stand out from the pack.