Animation is a visceral visual medium which demands you take control of it. There’s no passive visual elements: you can’t sit a camera down and film whatever happens in front of it. Every element you see on screen is intentionally created and placed.

If designers and animators choose their elements so carefully, then how can one explainer video feel inexplicably appealing while another just doesn’t sit right? It’s due to the way we use the 7 elements of design, and how we arrange them on screen using the 11 design principles. Today we’re giving a bite-sized lowdown on the elements and principles that help take an animation from bland to grand.

It’s been a busy year once again at Explanimate! We’ve worked with some great clients and produced some great work that we’re really proud of. Here is one we are particularly proud of; it’s the corporate animation we made for Bowerbid. We had a great time working on this and utilising some more advanced techniques like 2.5D and high-end motion design. Let us know what you think!

When Lucy from Dealpinch approached us to make a video for her site we were honored. Dealpinch is a site that gives you all the best daily deals on your terms.

The challange: Make a fun and engaging video that demonstrates the awesomeness of Dealpinch (including all the ways you can access the site), use a cute animation style and energetic voice talent. Oh and throw in the founders of the company all in under 1 min. So how did we do? Have a look below!

When an up and coming social video start up asks you to make a video for them you say sweet. When they they tell you it needs to be completed in 48 hours you say sweet….damn. This is exactly what happened last Friday when we were asked to complete a full explainer by Sunday night. What happened over those 48 hours we can’t speak of. There was laughter, there were tears, a little blood was even spilt.

We crafted the script on Friday afternoon with Kondoot team and raced back to the office to work on drawing styles. We started the storyboarding early saturday morning while we waited for the voiceover to be completed. The animation started mid afternoon on Saturday right about when the red bulls started kicking in. The animation process was blur…..Here it is.

Shows what can be done in a weekend with the right team and enough Red Bull….