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Imagine if fish couldn’t swim. That would be more than a little weird. What would they even do? Sink? Just flop around at the bottom of the water?

It’s the same kind of weird to imagine an optician who can’t see. That’s the kind of story you could make a movie out of.

But Umami View didn’t want a movie. They only wanted a 90-second video that explained how their software could help optician businesses to organise their data in a more efficient manner. So, naturally, they asked us for help.

The key message Umami View wanted to convey to their potential clients was the simplicity and efficiency of their software compared to traditional optician business practices.

We decided the most effective way to convey this in a video would be a before and after approach. Audiences would be shown two scenarios, one of the difficulties present before the use of Umami View and one of Umami View’s solutions.

Now, if you’ve ever worked in customer service you’ll know that nothing is quite as stressful as having to make a customer wait an unnecessarily long time. So, this is exactly the situation we depicted to convey the inefficiency of traditional optician practices.

Opening visuals display an optician dragging items from one window to another whilst his desk is covered in random bits of paper.  The messy workspace, paired with waiting customers illustrates the disorganisation and stressfulness of standard optician business practices.

Juxtaposing the uncomfortable opening scenes, the video then displays the Umami View user interface. The streamlined and high contrast screen shows the organisation the software can bring to opticians.

Audiences are also met with split-screen images of the customer in the store and reclining on her couch at home. We are pretty sure sitting on the couch with a hot drink is about as relaxed as you can get. So the association of these two images perfectly displays Umami View’s ability to provide a stress-free client experience.

Umami View loved the way this video showed the stark difference between customer interactions before and after the implementation of their software solution. We’d like to think we helped open the eyes of opticians everywhere. Kind of like the optician’s optician.


Travis Hunt
Creative Director
David Owen
Jenn Cislowski
Motion Designer
Kelly Tan
Motion Designer

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