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Client: Swash

Animation Type: 2D, animation

With a country where 90% of us live within spitting distance of a beach.**

**Disclaimer – spitting distance may vary between individuals

we’ll be havin’ some fun

We love all our clients. Like a parent loves “all” their children. There’s always some you just get along with a little better. This client was a gosh damn delight. And what a difference that makes!

people walking above

The client came to us and told us he needed OUR help. He had information that he needed to convey and wanted US to tell him how. Now, we aren’t sycophantic. We are happy to be led by a creative mind. But honestly, you don’t show up to a fancy restaurant and tell the chef how to do his job. You take your hunger and say, show me what you got. 

we’ll be falling’ in love

Without someone looking over our shoulder, we were liberated. So we started concepting and something about the freedom really worked for us. It resulted in a clean, stylish look and feel that we could extrapolate out over a series of videos. We were in love.

under the boardwalk

Luckily the client was too and the partnership continues to this day.

He even dropped this brilliant review for us – Explanimate! has far exceeded my expectations! Their engaging website and ‘can-do’ attitude led me to collaborating with Explanimate! on a series of animation videos. Draft and final deliverables were completed promptly ahead of schedule, within budget and to a high quality. Not knowing exactly what the final animations would look like at the commencement to this project, the Explanimate! team stepped me through the process of scripts and storyboards. The final products are AWESOME! I intend on working with Explanimate! in the future and recommend their ‘All-star’ team to anyone thinking of producing animations..


Travis Hunt

Creative Director

David Owen

Producer / Writer

Jenn Goddard

Motion Designer / Animator

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