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Explore Explanimate's innovative project for Rare Cancers Australia. Discover our unique hybrid, live action & motion graphics design.

rare cancers australia
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At Explanimate! we’re all family people.

We all have friends (well maybe not Trav).

We all have people we love and care about.

People whose lives we couldn’t possibly assign a financial value to.

So, when Rare Cancers Australia approached us for help creating a video which would touch on this message, we had to say yes.

They needed to communicate the importance of balancing the financial costs of investing in emerging cancer treatments, with the benefits gained when a person can successfully treat their cancer.

Creating a video for a serious and often sensitive topic, came with its own challenges.  It needed to evoke an emotional response in audiences without compromising the integrity of key information and statistics being communicated.

Every step in the process was deliberate.  From which information was included and specific wording choices in the script, to casting, animation style, music and everything in between.  All chosen to elicit a response in audiences which was the perfect mix of emotive and thought provoking.

The most significant decisions in this project revolved around which sections of the script would be animated, and which would be delivered by a presenter.

Here, the delivery of more informational lines by presenters would make the lines feel instantly more authentic to audiences, making the facts more impactful.

Whereas the pairing of more emotionally evoking lines with tastefully striking animation would provide us with greater control over the creation our desired response in the audience.  Turning up, or pairing back, the emotiveness of the imagery until we had the perfect balance of emotional and informative.

We’re pretty stoked with the outcome, as was Rare Cancers Australia.

Maybe we could use a similar approach to find Trav some friends…


Travis Hunt
Creative Director
David Owen

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