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Home delivery has never been more important than it is now. Online Auto Parts leads the way in supplying parts to the average consumer so it’s no surprise they’re also leading the charge in home delivery.

We had a blast with this mixed media ad and we think it shows.

Not many things cause us more stress than when we’re driving and the car starts to make weird noises.  Maybe you’re a mechanic and that’s never really concerned you before. But as humble humans, we tend to fear for our lives when the car starts to squeak, or thunk, or groan in any way we’re not used to.

This is why we gladly agreed when Online Auto Parts asked us for help creating a video which would effectively communicate their capability to deliver cheap, quality auto parts to consumers.

Many of us would question the reliability of car parts purchased online, especially when they’re cheap. And no one wants dodgy parts in their cars. So, as a part of this video we needed to establish Online Auto Parts’ reliability amongst audiences.

In the realm of car fixing, what is more reliable than a mechanic? Thus, by setting the video on a mechanic’s workbench we were able to quickly demonstrate the professional standard of Online Auto Parts to viewers.

But it wouldn’t be enough to just plop the Online Auto Parts logo on a mechanic’s workbench and call it a day. That would be boring. And it wouldn’t really show audiences how reliable Online Auto Parts was.

This video needed a touch of fast and furious energy.

A street race.

That would add some excitement. It would also enable us to show audiences how the parts performed once they were in a car. So, we used a 4×4 and a sedan to race through the street and show the functionality of the parts at speed.

But how would the parts hold up on rougher terrain?

Well, there’s a reason we used a 4×4. Taking the car off-road enabled us to illustrate the durability of the parts in all types of driving experiences.

We think the video did a pretty good job at getting the message across. Online Auto Parts definitely agreed.

You should still probably leave the fast and furious-ing to the professionals though.


Travis Hunt
Creative Director
David Owen
Nick Dunn
Motion Designer
Kelly Tan
Motion Designer

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