Not Alone

Project Details

Client: Beyond Blue

Animation Type: 2D, animation, motion graphics

As more and more evidence begins to come out, this last 18 months has definitely lived up to Beyond Blue’s name. So true to their form they’ve been ahead of the curve and helped people be more open about, and deal with, their anxiety, depression, and other burdens during this time.

The Not Alone podcast has reached millions of people with it’s stories of everyday people encountering and dealing with difficult times. We were honoured to help them advertise the second season with these wonderful mini animations.


Trav 2
Travis Hunt

Creative Director

David Owen

Producer / Writer

Jenn Goddard

Motion Designer / Animator

Screen Shot 2021 08 31 At 8.09.16 Am
Screen Shot 2021 08 31 At 8.08.38 Am
Screen Shot 2021 08 31 At 8.03.24 Am