Lawpath 2

Dive into the Lawpath 2 project, a unique blend of animation and live action by Explanimate. Explore our creative solutions today.

Production Company:
Creative Director:
Travis Hunt
David Owen
Music Composition:
Sound Design:
Animation type:
2d, animation, hybrid, live action, motion graphics
Design & Animation:
Kelly Tan
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Ever tried convincing an avid DIY-er that they need your brand’s professional help? 

That’s why Lawpath came to us.  They needed a way to convince people that DIY-ing their business’s legal matters was not a good idea, that they should seek professional help.

Knowing how the Lawpath crew are, we knew we could have some fun with this one. So, we used the power of exaggeration and humour to make viewers see the light.  This lighthearted tone called attention to the real risks of managing legal matters without professional help without making people feel attacked or talked down to. 

Every detail was thoroughly thought out, from the scenarios depicted to shot choices, animation style and colour palette.  Everything needed to work together to ensure we hit the right balance of relatable, informative, lighthearted and funny. 

The Lawpath team had a heap of fun working on this one with us and were stoked with the result.


Travis Hunt
Creative Director
David Owen
Kelly Tan
Motion Designer

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