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Have you ever loved your work so much you wanted to live in it? We definitely love what we do. But we still like to go home at the end of the day to a nice comfy bed.

Not Dave and Trav. They’d live at work if they could.

We once found a sleeping bag in Dave’s office because he couldn’t bring himself to leave. Maybe that’s why you can find the boys cameoing in some of our videos.

One such opportunity presented itself when Lawpath approached us asking for help. They needed us to create a video that would communicate the reliability and affordability of Lawpath’s legal solutions to potential clients.

The video opens with two business owners talking to a film crew about their struggles to find affordable legal advice. So, when the producer suggests the business owners look into LawPath, they can’t believe what he’s telling them is real. It just sounds too good to be true.

But, proving just how real LawPath is, audiences see a real-life lawyer video chatting with the business owners. This gives LawPath credibility by illustrating that there are real lawyers working at the company. Also, in showing LawPath to be personable and easy to communicate with, we could remove some of the trepidation of dealing with legal issues through a website.

It would be impossible to visually demonstrate all the information that we needed to include within this video in our one-minute time limit. Well, not unless we made the video rolling text – somewhat like the intro credits of Star Wars.

But this was a video. Not a book. People don’t want to read videos.

So, we relied on the scripting to deliver the majority of the information to audiences. Here, the dialogue between the producer, business owners and lawyer conveys the details of LawPath’s services and pricing to audiences.

As there was a lot of auditory information to convey in such a short time, we restricted the movement of the actors to avoid distracting audiences. We also included visual supports for key pieces of information, like the price, to ensure these were clearly conveyed.

All in all, LawPath loved the video. It’s definitely one of our favourites. But that’s partially because of the Dave and Trav cameos.


Travis Hunt
Creative Director
David Owen
Jenn Cislowski
Motion Designer

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