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Production Company:
Creative Director:
Travis Hunt
Caitlin de Graaf
Music Composition:
Sound Design:
Animation type:
2d, animation, 2.5d, motion graphics, product launch
Design & Animation:
Kelly Tan
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There are no product launches more widely known than Apple’s.  Their launch videos are epic.  Taking what is essentially a metal rectangle and making it seem like the coolest, most revolutionary thing on earth.

At its core, that’s what all good launch videos should do – take a product and make audiences feel like they HAVE to have it.

But, very few companies can afford to drop the $$$$ that Apple can on a 30 second video.  

That’s why FifteenXV came to us. 

We rolled up our sleeves and unleashed our creative skills… and our secret weapon… 2.5D.

2.5D is an awesome style.  It gives the impression of a 3D video while maintaining enough of a 2D feel that it gels perfectly with your other brand assets (like your logo or website), maintaining a sense of continuity across your brand.

2.5D also had another advantage in this case… it’s easier to produce than 3D, helping remove some of those $ signs without compromising the impact of the video.

By leveraging the power of 2.5D we crafted a dynamic and dramatic launch video for FifteenXV that wowed audiences, generated buzz and didn’t break the bank. 

Best of all, FifteenXV was stoked with it, and we had a lot of fun working on it.

Cheers to the FifteenXV team - you guys are awesome!


Travis Hunt
Creative Director
Caitlin de Graaf
Kelly Tan
Motion Designer

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