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The internet is a vast and wild expanse.  A limitless horizon filled with promising possibilities, wonderous web services, and, our personal favourite, racoon memes.

But, left unchecked, the cyber realm can also pose serious threats, especially to business and enterprise.

So, when a client specialising in cyber security contacted us, asking for help to promote their online cyber security training course, we had to say yes.

CyberCX wanted to create a suite of short videos that would get SMBs and larger corporations thinking critically about their cyber security gaps, and how their cyber security training course, Cyber123, could help.

Developing videos for different target audiences, each with very different cyber security needs, meant we had to craft each video uniquely to effectively cater to the intricacies of each target market.

But, we also had to ensure each of these videos were similar enough that they could sit side by side as part of a series, championing Cyber123.

To do this, we created an overarching creative treatment for the series, focusing on using similar shots, camera movements, colours and motion graphics.  This would not only ensure the videos all felt like they belonged together, but also strengthened the branding throughout, so every video could be instantly recognised as Cyber123.

Then, we focused on scripting.  We did a deep dive into the different target markets, discovering their unique needs and pain points.  Using this knowledge, we could craft scripts which would target the different markets and deliver each video’s messaging in the most effective way possible.

We’re pretty stoked with the results, and the CyberCX team was too.

So, go ahead, take a look.  They’re no racoon meme, but I can personally guarantee, you’ll love them just as much.


Travis Hunt
Creative Director
David Owen

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