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Hydrogen… what does it make you think of?

It’s one of the most common elements on the planet. It helps make up water… which means you’ve got a whole lot of hydrogen floating around inside you too.

you found the secret code i use

It’s always magic working with the CSIRO, not only do we get to make a sick video but we get to learn about something we might otherwise just pretend to know about at parties to impress hot people.

In this case, it was better understanding the place of hydrogen in our energy future and how we can utilise this enormous renewable energy source to make a cleaner, brighter future… sounds pretty schmick right?

you’re the only one to make me fly

So once we’d got our crash course in uni-level hydrogen science (DISCLAIMER: not an actual university degree) it was time for us to make it not suck and bore people to tears. So we sat Marcus Rizzo our resident 3D wizard down and started to talk about what might be possible.

We wanted this video to stand out. To feel unique and impressive. We wanted it to be light and fun. So often power can feel a little weighted down.

i need to come along

Marcus got excited and when Marcus is excited, good luck slowing that train down. We all just got swept along in it’s wake. CSIRO loved what they saw and a green light was given. It was time to push ahead.

We began building assets, we built people, windmills, entire energy stations. An entire world was constructed, the wheels were put in motion and it started to come to life.

i’m gonna like the way you fight

As luck would have it, all of this excitement, enthusiasm, and energy (pardon the pun) coalesced into a project that wasn’t just good… it was great. The client loved it. We were thrilled with it and couldn’t wait to share it with you.


Travis Hunt
Creative Director
David Owen

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