Project Details

Client: Artifact
Production Company: Explanimate!
Creative Director: Travis Hunt
Producer: David Owen
Design & Animation: Kelly Tan
Music Composition: Ambrose Yu
Sound Design: Travis Hunt

Animation Type: 2D, 3D, animation

Running a business is almost impossible if you don’t know what your customers need.  Artifact centralises qualitative data to enable business owners to understand what is important to their customers.

The client was impressed with our initial storyboard, so we decided to create a more detailed version to better represent the flowing transitions before we began animating.

After showing the client our more detailed storyboard, we went on to create style frames to insert into the storyboard.  This enabled us to display the movement of colours to the client.


Trav 2
Travis Hunt

Creative Director

David Owen

Producer / Writer

Kelly Tan

Multimedia Specialist

Ending Main (0 00 13 13)
Main Scene (0 00 04 22)