March 9, 2015

Why Animation?

Animations have been entertaining people for years with clever use of creativity, humour and so much more. What started out with just pencil to paper has become one of the most popular sources of entertainment and methods for companies to communicate to clients, thanks to technology and the internet.

Animation dares to go where live action cannot. Creating a fun world where anything can happen is mesmerising to almost anyone and keeps people interested in what the animation is telling them. When searching for a company to work with or purchase from, the easiest and best place to go is the internet. Instead of reading and reading all about the company on their website, people are more likely to watch a quick and entertaining video that explains the company, product or idea. website statistics Lets be honest, we would all go with the video.

animated explainer videos quite simply explain what a company is all about in a fun, creative and professional way

Animated Explainer videos vary from 2D animation to white board animation and even 3D animation, all of which provide another level of capabilities within the video to express and share information about a company and what they do.

With colour and characters, animations can set any type of mood and draw in the audience while giving heaps of information to the viewer in a non ‘lecture’ type of way. According to a statistic about animation and videos made by ‘Insivia‘ in 2012, 90% of users say that having a video about a product or company is very helpful with making a decision. One out of three of all online activity is watching videos.
According to ‘Online Publishers Association’, 45% of viewers take some kind of action after watching a video.
‘Unruly’ says that 97% of people are more likely to purchase something after watching a good video, wow! And these statistics were all taken a few years ago so just imagine what the results would be today.

So there you go, proof that people prefer a video more than having to read for themselves. The more entertaining and effective the video the more likely clients are to purchase a product or service.

So what are you waiting for? Make your mark and knock their socks off with an Animation Explainer video.

Check out some of the Animated Explainer videos we have created for past clients.

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