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February 4, 2014

Five Fantastic Reasons for Using Explainer Videos

There was a great article published towards the end of last year about the benefits of Explainer videos. You can check out the full article here.

And here are the main points for those who want everything right now:

1. explainer videos are the new user manuals

When introducing or demonstrating the features and benefits of your products and services, explainer videos work wonders. An explainer video can show your customers how to access and use each and every function of your product and service. It’s the equivalent of a face-to-face product or service demonstration, if you will.

2. explainer videos give life to presentations

Explainer videos can be used for sales presentations, inducting and training staff, or even as components for educational slideshows, to liven up all the information you are conveying to potential clients, or imparting to your students and pupils.

3. explainer videos generate high traffic

Explainer videos are great for generating web conversions because they help your viewers decide on buying your product or service more swiftly. Also, explainer videos have the power to keep your web traffic on your website for longer and reduce bounce rates (i.e., the rate at which users move away from your website).

4. explainer videos offer clarity

While reading reams of text is subject to multiple interpretations, an explainer video does not have this issue because it would (ideally) be based on a focused, sharp, and concise script. Explainer videos can also condense complex messages into something simpler, which makes it easier for viewers to get a comprehensive feel for your product or service.

5. explainer videos add personality to your business

One of the basic and traditional principles of good salesmanship is bringing personality into play. This is something that online businesses, in particular, demand because the lack of a face behind the website can put people off. An explainer video can reflect your personality and make web visitors feel that they have not come to a virtual equivalent of an empty shop.

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