Explanimate! is a commercial animation studio. We are based in Brisbane QLD. Right now we’re in Loganholme. Yes, that’s right, Loganholme. But we are mid-move to South Brisbane – which is where we’ll be by the time you come on board!

We work with blue chip brands, government agencies, startups, agencies and their clients creating commercial animated and live action video content that stands up on the world stage.


Just so happens that we are hella busy and we need to add some more magic to the team. So we need a new Midweight motion designer.

So let’s describe said position in some dot points, and you can see if it sounds like you?

  • Design skills. Inherent in the title I guess? But yep, you’ll need to take scripts and concepts and design the visuals from the ground up. 
  • Nice person. Likeable. No egos. Don’t get us wrong. This is not a popularity contest. But you have to be someone that is socially aware, confident (without being arrogant or ignorant), fair, considerate, etc etc.
  • Passionate. Like yeah anyone can design stuff and make it move, but you have the intent to become a master of your craft, and you’re well on your way. You value original design. You’re au fait with design principles. You wanna make stuff that stands up with the best in the industry.
  • Positive. Stuff can get hard. What do you do? Complain about the client? The Producer, the air con temp!? Not you, you are not prone to complain, you’re prone to finding a solution moving forward, getting things done. 
  • Specialising. We do need a bit of an all-rounder Motion designer. But it would be a bonus if you’re beginning to identify some sort of specialisation. Maybe you’re a motion designer with a knack for beautiful illustration? Or you have significant cel experience. Maybe you’re focussed on character design or animation, or maybe your jam is really detailed motion graphics, or C4D / 3D. Having an interest and some kind of skill specialisation, is a real bonus.
  • Reliable. You have experience estimating and managing your time. You understand meeting client deadlines is important and do your damndest to meet them.

A typical day might include these sorts of elements:

  • Briefing with Producer and/or Creative Director
  • Interpreting scripts and visualising ideas, borth in written and design form
  • Illustrating / Designing styleframes
  • Sketching storyboards or designing artboards
  • Animating designs and art
  • Learning and working on passion projects
  • Communicating with producers on project updates and drafts
  • Manage files, organise assets
  • Post something to socials

A little about us…

  • We are not a typical a-hole agency
  • We are family-first
  • We value work/life balance, and encourage an active outside-of-work life.
  • We don’t work overtime. We work hard. We are loyal and stay passionate while we’re at work. Then we go live life
  • We’re small. 9. Come make us 10.
  • We don’t have very impressive coffee, pinball machines or vintage arcade games. But I mean if that’s important to you I guess we can talk about it
  • You have big dreams. We have big dreams. Let’s make them all come true!
  • We’re based in Brisbane. Defs a preference towards someone that can be in-house. But if you’re super suitable and you’re not in Brisbane, we want to hear from you too.

If all the above sounds like your cup of tea, please send your Cover letter / CV to hello@explanimate.com.au using the subject header “Motion Designer – Pick Me!” (this is your first test. If you get that right you’re off to a flying start!)