How is an animated video created?
We have a whole page dedicated to this (in a flow chart so even your Grandma gets it). Check out our services page.
But we’re just a poor poor little company, can we really afford an animated video?
Sure! We have a variety of styles that fit (almost all) budgets. Just ask, don't worry we don't bite.
I’m worried about IP, who owns the video when it’s done?
You pay your bill –> you own the video.
How long does it take?
Our videos usually take 3-5 weeks for our videos depending on style.
1. Where are you? 2. Can we come see you?
1. We’re in Brisbane, Australia. 2. Hell yeah.
Your videos are pretty inexpensive it seems to me…what’s the catch?
Well, we have a pretty small team of (awesome) staff. And a small creative office out of the CBD in Loganholme, QLD – so we have a very low overhead and are able to pass those savings on to our clients. Additionally, we're from a time that doesn’t quite understand how or why companies can or should charge mountains of money for creative. Fair prices – that’s where we’re at. Fair prices mean happy clients receiving real value, that come back again and again.

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