QLD Museum – NASA ‘The Pioneers’

QLD Museum – NASA ‘The Pioneers’ Project Details Client: QLD Museum – NASA ‘The Pioneers’ Animation Type: 2D, animation The final frontier. Something about space and space travel just sparks creativity. Maybe it’s the endlessness, maybe it’s the possibilities, or maybe it’s Captain Kirk’s dulcet tones inviting us to explore it. Whatever it is that…

Dental Diagnostics

Dental Diagnostics Project Details Client: Dental Diagnostics Animation Type: 2D, animation Dentists. Just the word makes your fillings sing. But Dental Diagnostics aren’t dentists and they wanted to create something that would not only help explain who they are and what they do but also put people’s minds at ease. Our brief was to create…

Me&U TapOrderPay

Me & URestaurants can be better. We know it’s a big claim but check this out… About the Project Me&U are getting set to revolutionise the restaurant industry and we’re absolutely here for it. We love food, so why not love the experience of eating even more? Team

What’s My Claim Worth

What’s My Claim WorthInsurance can be difficult to navigate.. but what if it wasn’t? About the Project What’s My Claim Worth? is a website that simply and directly helps you understand (as its name suggests) what your claim might be worth. They connect you with lawyers who can then help you through the rest of…


TollThe future can be uncertain but Toll is here for you, come what may About the Project Toll wanted to capture their messaging in a way that didn’t feel like every other transport company. Something that felt unqiue and inspiring. Team