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Put simply, Explanimate! produces animated videos that engage your audience, and help them understand why your product, service, organisation, idea or concept could benefit them. Our clients like us, and they like even more that their clients like the videos we create.

Being entertaining is one thing, being engaging is another. But motivating the viewer to make a change, to actually do something different, that’s what we aim for. Why? Because in very real terms, that is likely to mean a decision to use your product or service. A decision to share your product or service within their social circles. Translation –> your business improves it’s sales, brand recogntion, and brand value.


Oh wait you weren’t meant to read that. We just assumed you wouldn’t, because, as a general rule, people don’t read text on a web page! People want engagement. That’s where Explanimate! comes in. Corporate animation that engages the viewer, and explains what you do, in a way your target market understands.

Animation is kind of a new thing to many clients. It can seem a little daunting. It isn’t. It’s very, very straightforward. And we make it that way. So why not contact us today for a free consultation. We’d be glad to chat, even if that’s all you’d like to do.

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We provide animation to the corporate and government industries. Whether it’s character animation, motion design, 2D, 3D, mixed media, music videos or whiteboard animation, we’re equipped to provide it.
With our in-house producers, animators and motion designers, there are few projects too big or small that Explanimate! cannot handle.