From the layout of your website to the exact dimensions of a billboard to your employee’s shirt colour, branding decisions encompass almost every aspect of a business. More than ever we’re ‘meeting’ a brand in the virtual world long before ever stepping foot in a physical store. So when we talk about how to effectively represent a brand, it’s especially important to look at how a first (and lasting) impression is made through the brand’s online presence.

Statistically, conversion rates and visit times to company websites are increased significantly when the front page focusses on sharable, visual content. Video content is proven to extend the amount of time a visitor stays on a website by 2 minutes and increase the number of converting customers by a whopping 64 percent.

So given all the different media available, what’s the best way to take advantage of visual content across your brand’s website and social media platforms? While each medium has its own advantages, today we’ll be taking a look at one of the most sharable and visually distinctive forms, animation, and some the different ways we can utilise it through a visual brand campaign.