Ah, pros and cons lists. The best friend of the blog writer, the secret lover of the indecisive, and the arch enemy of people who hate trying to draw straight lines on a pad of paper. We could sit here all day and talk about the pros and cons of pros and cons lists, but that would be ironically counterproductive. Instead, let’s look at something that could potentially be useful for your product or business: explainer videos.

By now you’ve probably heard of explainers, or even heard them being descried as an essential sales tool for your website or advertising campaign. But is there truth to the hype, and are there other options better suited to your business? Today we’ll be fossicking out the truth by looking at the pros and cons of explainer videos when pitted against three other alternatives: text, stylised video ads, and no explainers at all.



If there’s one thing people in the animation industry do well, it’s teamwork. Creating a professional animated product is a group effort that often takes an astounding amount of collaboration and an understanding of how each individual effort fits into the larger picture as a whole.

Knowing this, it comes as no surprise that many agencies are choosing to partner with a professional animation company for their production needs instead of developing an in-house animation department.

Perhaps you’re part of an agency team who are still undecided as to how to solve your production needs in a way that will tailor to your agency’s image. Maybe you’re weighing up the cost-effectiveness of producing animated selling tools for your clients in-house. Or maybe you’re a dyslexic girl named Tina who loves playing Boggle, who was in fact looking for the website ‘’. In any case, if you want to make an informed decision it’s worth your while to check out these 3 reasons why it pays for agencies to partner with a production house.

(Except you, Tina. You can probably get back to your Boggle game.)